How is your workplace design?

Research shows a huge proportion of people are disengaged from their work. Can work be redesigned to change that? Author and boss Jason Fried argues the two biggest problems in the workplace are meetings and managers. Have a listen the CBC interview with Jason Fried.

He explains why he thinks a lot of work does not get done at work in thisTED talk.




Feeling exhausted? Tell me about it.

Spinning in the TCC
Spinning in the TCC

Learning outcomes are explicit statements of what you want someone to learn after a lesson or experience. In this example, the learning outcome could be: After spinning on a bike for two hours, participants will be able to explain how it feels to be physically exhausted. Learning outcomes should be worded with an action verb that suggests how it can be assessed, in this case “explain.” Therefore, one way this activity could be assessed is to interview the participants and ask them to express how their exhaustion feels. There is no right or wrong in this of assessment, the goal is to get people to express how they feel. This kind of learning is called “affective” as apposed to learning factual knowledge or a physical movement task.


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Alan's Photo of Kamloops
ALan’s Photo

The only blogging I have done is on blogspot with my students, many years ago. The learning curve starts again. Alan helped me find images on Flickr and download them to an image database. I need to re-activate my Flickr account that I have not used in years. I want to remember to keep a camera with me to take pictures as I work on my projects. With no smartphone, that will be my old snap camera.